Instructions for Setting Up and Accessing Your Patient Web Portal

  1. Click on the “PATIENT PORTAL LOGIN” link above.

  2. If you have logged in before, please insert your username (which is your email ID) and the password to access the portal.

  3. For first time users, click the “Register” button and fill in all the information required along with your email address which will be your username.

  4. In the password tab, insert ‘1234’ as the password and submit registration.

  5. After the registration is completed successfully, it will prompt you to log in with the username and password.

  6. Once you log in, it will direct you to view the document.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if the registration is not accepted? If the information you provided to us is different than what we have in our computer system, please contact our office at (903)-337-0055 to rectify any errors.